Initial Token Sale

The supply of BKD is capped at 6m tokens, making it naturally scarce. During the ICO/token launch phase, up to 5 million BKD tokens will be distributed according to demand. The remaining 1 million will be retained by the founding team and/or used for marketing purposes. The price will start at 0.00001953125 Bitcoin. For every 500,000 tokens distributed, the price of BKD compared to BTC will double. If we sell all 5 million tokens during the ICO, the price will 512x.

Our goal is to end the ICO phase and/or list BKD on at least one exchange and pancake swap by autumn 2022, allowing you to withdraw your BKD and sell or swap it as you wish. At this point, the price of BKD will be predetermined by demand on the exchange, and we’ll use an atomic swap mechanism to ensure BKD sold through our website is then bought back from an exchange. This will theoretically keep demand high, which will drive up the price and allow early investors to take profits.