Listing Your Company On Backed

How and why I should list my company on Backed

Why Should I List My Company On Backed?

There are many benefits to listing your company on Backed. Every time a user buys your company coin, they pay a 10% gratuity fee to you, and you get to keep it. You can promote your coin to your users, and give them a way to 'back' you and cheer you on. These users are then typically much more engaged with your company and closely follow everything you do, creating a base of super users or fans. Soon, we will introduce the ability to email the list of users that own your company coin, giving you access to a list of your biggest fans.

1. Sign Up

1.1 To sign up, head to Backed and enter your email address

1.2 You'll be emailed a magic link. To sign up, open your email account in the same browser and click on the 'Login here' link. If your email account is in a different browser to the one you signed in from, or you're opening the email from an email app/client, right click on 'Login here', click 'Copy Link Address' and then paste the link into the URL bar of the browser/window you tried to login from. From here, you'll want to choose 'Business'

Note: If you receive what looks like a blank email, please click on the 3 dots to 'show trimmed content'. This will reveal the email, including your magic link

2. Filling Out Your Profile

Next, you'll want to fill out your name, choose a handle, write a brief summary and choose a profile photo and cover image. You'll then need to fill in the fields about your business, add your team members, upload some images and post a link to a YouTube video about your business, if you have one.

3. Connecting Your MetaMask Wallet

3.1 To receive the 10% gratuity fee, you'll need a MetaMask wallet. If you don't have one, you can create one for free. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox, and downloading the MetaMask Chrome Extension or Firefox Extension.

3.2 Once you have the extension and you have signed in, head back to Backed and click 'Connect To MetaMask Wallet'. It should happen automatically.

4. Connecting To The Binance Smart Chain

The first time you set up MetaMask, you only have the Ethereum Chain configured as standard. Backed's token (BKD) is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. If this is the first time you have used MetaMask, or if you have not owned any coins or tokens on the Binance Smart Chain before, you'll need to add the Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask.

4.1 Go to MetaMask and click on the down arrow, next to 'Ethereum Mainnet'
4.2 Click on Add Network
4.3 Use the following settings to add the Binance Smart Chain:

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

4.4 Click on 'Save'

You are now on the Binance Smart Chain and you can return to the app.

5. Add the BKD Token To MetaMask

MetaMask only shows major coins and tokens in your wallet as standard. To show your BKD balance in your MetaMask wallet, you'll need to click on import the BKD Token.

1. Open MetaMask and click 'Import tokens'
2. In 'Token Contract Address' enter BKD's token contract address: 0x55AEC83c750e103728aAcF6670Af3E777806eb95
3. Click 'Import' and your BKD will now show in your MetaMask wallet

Once you have done this, you can click on 'Click here to hide this message'

6. Verifying Your Identity (KYC)

We are required by law to verify your identity. This process is known as KYC (know your customer).

6.1 Click on Profile in the left navigation/menu

6.2 Click on 'Verify Account'. You'll be forwarded to iDenfy, our verification partner

6.3 We recommend that you use a mobile device to verify your identity. To do this, click on 'Show QR Code', open the camera on your smart phone and face it towards the QR code. Click on the tab that shows up that says 'Open in [browser]'

6.4 Follow the steps to verify your identity. Once you have completed this process, it usually takes 5-10 minutes for your identity to be verified. You'll receive an email once it has been completed

Note: If your verification fails, head back to the app and click on 'Profile' where you will find the link to retry the KYC process. If you do not get an email within 24 hours, please ensure you completed the process or contact support

7. Verifying Your Business (KYB)

We are also required to verify that you are a legal representative of the company that you are listing.

To do this, you'll need to go to the profile page, click on 'Click here to submit request' and upload your certificate of incorporation, or other documents that prove that you are a legal representative of the company. The documents must contain both your name, and the company name.

Once you have completed this steps, you're listing will be reviewed by our team and if it meets all the requirements, it will be live within 24 hours.

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