Buying BKD Tokens

Buying BKD consists of two steps. Buying BNB via MetaMask, then swapping your BNB for BKD tokens.

Buying BKD Tokens

Buying BKD consists of two steps.

1. Buy BNB through MetaMask, using Transak
2. Buy BKD using your BNB

1. Buy BNB through MetaMask

First, you'll need to buy BNB through MetaMask. To do that, simply open your MetaMask and click 'Buy'. You'll be directed to Transak, where you can buy BNB. If this is your first time, you will need to verify your identity with Transak. After you have submitted your ID and selfie, it usually takes 5-10 minutes for your account to be verified.

Note: You'll need to keep a few dollars worth of BNB (0.02+) in your wallet to pay for gas fees

Buying BNB through Transak on Backed

2. Buy BKD Using BNB

Once you have BNB in your MetaMask wallet, click on 'Buy BKD' in the left navigation. The minimum purchase is $50 USD. Once you click 'Buy', you'll be directed to MetaMask where you'll need to confirm the transaction.

You should now have the BKD in your wallet, and you can use it the purchase CompanyCoins.

Don't see your BKD in your MetaMask wallet? Import your BKD tokens to MetaMask

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