Back startups with CompanyCoins

For too long, speculating on the next big startup has been reserved for the few. Not anymore. Backed allows you to back private companies and benefit as they grow with CompanyCoins.

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How Does It Work?

The Backed platform has its own native token, called BKD, that you can use to buy a new type of asset called ​CompanyCoins.

Native cryptocurrency

Buy and sell CompanyCoins with our native cryptocurrency BKD. The supply of BKD is capped at 6m tokens, making it naturally scarce


The price of CompanyCoins increases exponentially the more coins that are purchased, and as the price of BKD increases

Token launch

During the ICO/token launch phase, the price of BKD is pegged to BTC and doubles every 500k coins

Back startups

When you buy CompanyCoins, you pay a 10% gratuity fee to the startup, which helps them grow.

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Finally A Way To Back StartUps That Aren't Raising

We hate that VCs and Angel Investors get exclusive access to the best investment opportunities. With Backed, you can back startups at anytime and liquidate your investment just as quickly

We don't charge any fees
Fast and secure transactions
BKD is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain

Back StartUps & Benefit As They Grow

Every startup gets their own CompanyCoin. When you purchase CompanyCoins, you pay a 10% gratuity fee to the startup. That helps them grow, which in turn helps to drive up the price of your investment.

CompanyCoin prices increase exponentially as more coins are purchased and as the price of BKD increases. Sell your CompanyCoins at anytime thanks to our automated market maker like system.

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The Future Of Speculating On StartUps

Ever find a startup that you love, but can't invest in them because they aren't raising? That's why we started Backed. Back any startup in seconds.

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